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Do you want to become more recognised, more valued and attract great clients? Do you need help clarifying your brand message and get clients to see what you offer the way YOU want it?

If the answer is yes - I can help. I can give you the insights, tools and confidence to make your goals a reality and it’s easier than you think! Whether you need a new website presence with cohesive social media branding or a new logo and collateral, I’m here to help you.


  • Squarespace Website Design

  • Wordpress Website Design

  • Shopify Website Design


All my website designs are built based on your personal business needs. I do not sell ready-made website templates as I believe a unique business only works with a bespoke design.

I design for a variety of platforms, including Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify. All my websites are fully responsive, secure and SEO-optimised. I also offer packages which include professional copywriting and image sourcing, so if you have no content or need one crafted from scratch, I can help.

I take the time to really listen to what my clients look for, so rest assured your ideas and needs are in good hands. I have been working as a designer for over 12 years and my job is to take the guess work out of you.

If you are interested in working with me, have a look at my past projects, read client testimonials and get in touch to find out how I can bring your vision to life.


See some of my website design projects:



  • Custom Logo, Alternate and Brand Mark development

  • Colour palette and typography

  • Brand collateral design


I specialise in custom logo design and branding development for businesses that seek to clarify their message, become more recognisable and more profitable without imitating their competitors.

My custom logo design process starts with a questionnaire so we get to know each other. It’s a great starting point which enables me to recognise what your brand truly needs.

You don’t need a ton of ideas to start with, and if you are feeling stuck, I can help you determine the look and feel your brand needs. From crafting your mission and vision to developing your logo and collateral material (business cards, letterhead, thank you cards, labels, etc.) I help you achieve the unique, outstanding brand you’re looking for.

Have a look at my branding project, read client testimonials and get in touch to see how I can help you.


Some of my branding design projects: