Templates have arrived!

Some great news!

I’ve been working on a sub-brand for a while and I’m excited to finally launch Mrs Bear at Home which is all about providing you with helpful templates you can download, edit and print at home. 

I have spent 6 and a half years of my career as a designer, working in communication departments, designing information packs, brochures and reports for clients of major financial institutions and government organisations. Since retiring, I thought why not share my knowledge and skills to help small businesses look better and communicate better? There is noting more rewarding than hearing positive client feedback, from all over the world. After all, a great design should be accessible and make people’s lives easier. 

Listed this week are Welcome Packs for hotel / bead and breakfast / guest house owners. They are editable in Pages for Mac (Windows templates coming soon) and consist of 12 beautiful pages ready for you to customise. 

The idea of doing welcome packs came while traveling. I frequently use commercial hotels as well as airbnb guest houses and b&bs and each time I get frustrated with the lack of information (or incomplete information) when checking in or when in the room. 

Here is the thing: I’m checking in and the nice receptionist/host tells me everything about the room, breakfast times, wifi, local attractions and where to dine. By the time I get to my room I can’t remember any of it (making sure I don’t lose my kids, my luggage, my handbag, my room card/keys and my husband on the way- in this particular order!). I find myself desperately searching for information on how to turn the coffee machine on and my kids get anxious as they can’t find the wifi password. You get the idea.

And I get it. It’s not the hosts’ fault. Imagine you run a busy rental business, having to take care of literally EVERYTHING - I know it too well, my parents run a guest house. You want to make your guests happy and will do anything to be helpful so they enjoy their stay, leave a great review, tell their friends and even come back. But you’re not with them 100% of the time (creepy!) and that’s where a friendly piece of printed information comes handy. 

My welcome packs come as fully editable templates you can print at home. There are pages about checking in, house rules, breakfast, room details, local attractions, where to eat and how to get in touch. Simply add your own text and photos and voila!

I hope you enjoy these templates and I’m excited to keep adding more. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know!