Hello there!

I’m super excited to finally launch my own online shop! You may be a first time visitor here or you may have seen my designs on Etsy or Pinterest….maybe you’re already a customer. In any case - a very warm welcome!

The decision to open my own shop outside of other platforms came from direct feedback from my customers - people were telling me it’s difficult to find products they’re looking for in my Etsy shop and I had absolutely no control over how they are being sorted despite paying premium for their extra features (like being able to display a rotating banner on top of my shop...yep.) Most customers weren’t even aware of listing descriptions or of a sidebar with categories in my shop, all thanks to the platform’s “improvements” over the last couple years. Overall, it’s a great place to sell, however it stopped working for me and I kept seeing higher and higher percentage of my revenue being deducted from my monthly earnings.

So here I am with a brand new shop! I still pay a monthly fee for it, however it’s much less than it used to be elsewhere, so I’m able to offer better prices and discounts.

The site runs on squarespace, is super secure and very fast - a big YAY!

I’m also able to offer more customisation options during checkout, show you a better way to find a design style or even display a gallery of other client’s logos to get you inspired!

I’m hoping this place will grow over time and at some point I will be able to move away from other platforms. For now - thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy your visit. I’m still adding content so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply drop me a message and we’ll sort something out.